Outsourced Contract Management System

A Case Study



One of U.K’s largest retailers had inadequate visibility of their 400+ IT contracts. Signed paper copies of almost half the contracts could not be located either with the legal department or with the end user beneficiary of the contract. There was no central record of contract details resulting in missed or delayed contract extensions / cancellations. This put the client at a distinct bargaining disadvantage when the contracts came up for re-negotiation. The client’s Procurement team did not have enough bandwidth in terms of manpower to track & monitor 400+ contracts.


Mprovate were commissioned to provide a solution.

We teamed up with client legal, procurement and global IT teams to inventorize current contracts and purchase orders collecting information on important elements of each contract. We then captured the contracts and elements into our online database tool with a client signoff on 100% coverage. A Process was designed to ensure capture of future contracts into the online system through a RACI agreed with all participants including members of the outsourced team.



  • The solution for 400+ contract database management system was delivered in 6 months progressing to a full feature system in the next 6 months.
  • The client had clear visibility of all current contracts.
  • Designated client personnel started receiving advance notification of all expiring contracts along with information guiding them to the next steps
  • Client gained Spend Analysis capability across categories
  • Template contracts, contract clauses were stored centrally providing organisation-wide uniformity
  • Improved synchronisation between purchase orders, contracts & invoice approvals

Businesses across the globe experience the above problems in their day-to-day operations. Timely intervention is like a stitch-in-time. Mprovate have experience of solving these problems; we look forward to help you through. Please get in touch at contact@localhost