IT Vendor Management Support from Offshore

A Case Study


One of U.K’s largest retailers wanted better visibility of the IT Vendor operations at their offshore locations in India to improve resource engagement and ensure compliance with project timelines and security guidelines. They were also experiencing lack of co-ordination between multiple vendors. Given the distance between the U.K and India, it was impractical and expensive to have their own managers frequently spend time with the offshore teams.


Mprovate were commissioned to provide a solution.

We selected an India-based experienced Programme Manager who had specialised in leading offshore teams and designated him to act as the Client’s Offshore Manager. He

  • understood the Client’s objectives from the offshore programme and drew up a support plan that involved regular stand-ups involving both offshore vendor and client teams.
  • Based himself at the vendor location mixing socially with the vendor team educating them about client work ethics, culture, methodology etc. acting as an immediately available local representative from the client.
  • Helped in the success of agile initiatives by providing a local touch-point
  • Co-ordinated the Data Security audits and regularly organised table-top drills for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Acted as the guardian and record-keeper of client assets in India


The client had

  • Their own person who acted as the eyes and ears closer to the place of activity – advanced warning of any risks, inputs on any shifts in vendor priorities, management changes etc.
  • Better visibility of delivery schedules and hence better planning & co-ordination
  • Improved compliance on processes, InfoSec, BCP and DR situations.
  • Saving in the cost of client management teams traveling to offshore locations which was restricted to more value-based initiatives.

Businesses across the globe experience the above problems in their day-to-day operations. Timely intervention is like a stitch-in-time. Mprovate have experience of solving these problems; we look forward to help you through. Please get in touch at