Outsourced Contract Management

Mprovate consultants have a track record of delivering Contract Management solutions. Some of the prominent requirements addressed by us are:

  • Taking and helping maintain inventory of global contracts on the cloud
  • Issuing timely alerts for important milestones in a contract including renewal & termination
  • Helping track Contract Obligations by suppliers & customers
  • Direct access to critical contract clauses
  • Reviewing whether the IT contracts are fit-for-purpose & issuing recommendations for improvement
  • Act as a Vault for safe custody of signed contracts
  • Maintain & update database of contract templates

Please note these services are managed by our offshore team at a competitive cost.

We look forward to an open discussion on how and if we can help your organization in meeting any of the above requirements as well as discussing solutions for Contract Management services not covered above. For more details, why not write to us at contact@mprovate.com!